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LONG-TERM RENTAL - is an increasingly popular form of acquiring new cars, both by companies and individual customers. Large development of the service meant that it has become a competitor for the lease and becomes the leader forms of financing new cars.

The benefits of such a solution are large - the first shall be entitled to credit payments to the deductible. on Second, the logistics do not have to worry about maintenance or repair damage to vehicles. What's more, the business owner will not be surprised by the cost of maintaining a car - thanks to that paid in the form of monthly installments regulated agreement, become more predictable. With this solution does not change the creditworthiness of the entrepreneur.
Advantage of leasing is that if your car breaks entrepreneur receives a replacement car. This allows you to maintain the liquidity of the company, because the owner does not have to give up activities which need is his car.

In contrast to the lease, the lease long-term trader may, but is not required to make an initial fee. Means is that in order to take advantage of the offer it need not have any own contribution.


  • Monthly payment throughout the term of the lease
  • No load creditworthiness
  • Provided with a replacement car in case of emergency
  • Financial stability
  • AC and full insurance OC
  • Hour breakdown assistance
  • Claims handling

Car Rental GO69 offers long-term rental in any selected for your brand new car.

For example, a midsize car like the Ford Mondeo or Opel Insignia we can offer you in price from 1700zł net monthly! This is the total cost (excluding fuel), which you will incur in connection with the maintenance of the car and already contains each of both the charge related to the servicing of the car, inspection, repairs, if any, as well as any fees related with administrative matters, such as full insurance OC + AC + Ass + NW, costs of periodic inspections, etc. In addition, fleet service not It takes the time nor you, nor the employees of your company, and in case of accident or collision you have guaranteed replacement car for the whole period of repairs, unlimited mileage!

Upon termination, you can buy a car or sign a new contract for a completely new car for preferential terms!

Detailed calculations for specific car models are always happy to prepare for you on request or e-mail phone 662-135-975. We also advise you in choosing a particular car. We are not affiliated with any specific brand, therefore, our opinion is much more objective than the car dealers.

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