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New model in our fleet – KIA XCEED

A new model, Kia Xceed, has joined our GO Rental Cars fleet. It is available for both short-term and medium- and long-term rentals. Kia Xceed is an off-road Ceed, but the manufacturer did not take the easy way and it is not just a “raised Ceed” with additional covers. Of course, these issues also occur here, i.e. we have increased ground clearance, which is now 172/184mm (depending on the size of the rims), and we also have added plastic covers. If we look closely, we can also see a slightly changed front with reshaped lamps and bumpers only for this model, and a completely different rear than the regular version.

The roofline is at a smaller angle and slopes much more gently. The Xceed is also 8 cm longer than the hatchback. The plastic elements and large wheels make the car look quite large. Well, you might like it! The trunk opens electrically and automatically. In practice, all we need to do is approach it with the key and it will open itself (first we will hear a 5-times sound signal). Even though the roof slopes more than in a regular Ceed, the trunk capacity is larger and amounts to 426 liters. This difference is due to the longer body, where the rear overhang is 6 cm longer. The trunk itself has a height-adjustable floor and space underneath for a spare wheel or repair kit. When we fold the rear seat, we get an almost flat floor. The trunk is equipped with two hooks and a cigarette lighter socket. Despite the slightly more sloping roofline, there is still plenty of headroom in the back, and even taller people can’t complain about legroom. In the front we have really comfortable seats, and due to the raised suspension we have quite good visibility. However, the copies available at GO Rental Cars are distinguished by yellow stitching on the upholstery, door panels and air vents.

What is very pleasantly surprising is the great quality of workmanship and the materials, which are really very good. Nothing creaks, nothing knocks. The number of storage spaces is quite large. We have a lot of compartments perfect for your phone, garage remote control or smaller items. There are also two places for drinks in the center console, a large storage compartment under the armrest and in front of the passenger. There is also room for a large bottle in the door. We can hide glasses in the headliner. Under the hood of our Xceed there is a 1.5 T-GDI turbocharged petrol engine with a power of 160 horsepower, combined with a 6-speed manual gearbox. It is an engine that is sufficient for dynamic driving, and the gearbox runs quite smoothly with a gentle click when shifting into gear. The car drives well, is confident in corners and does not drive like a crossover. In addition, the steering system is precise and driving can be a lot of fun. Of course, you have to be careful about understeering, because when you oversteer, the car tends to go out in front.

It is also worth mentioning the turning radius – 5.3 meters is quite a good result. Thanks to this, the car is agile and easy to park or maneuver, e.g. in front of a store or in tight parking lots. To sum up, the Xceed combines the practical features of an SUV with the convenience of a hatchback. I think that the designer managed to combine these features really well, and also wrap it in a quite interesting body. We especially recommend Xceed to people who value aesthetics and high quality of interior design.

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