Rent a car – Krakow, Warsaw, Katowice


SHORT-TERM RENTAL - is the first service that comes to our mind when we think about car rental. In fact, it is terms of volume, the most common product in each rental. Who should be most interested in short-term rental? A lot here it depends on the type of car. The very name suggests that it is a rental car on time rather not exceeding 30 days, which is why people are interested in a service or companies that know they will need a car for a small, from known in advance of time.

Passenger car and premium class cars

In most cases, the hiring of short-term benefit people coming to the city to other means of transport (train or plane) and remain in the city for several days. Often this involves the substitution of the car to the airport. another typical the use of short-term rental for cars Personal is a weekend getaway with friends or family, the desire test the car before buying identical or provide a few days a replacement vehicle.

9 Passenger Cars

In the case of 9 passenger buses frequently we have to deal with typical holiday rental to go on holiday (or winter holidays) greater team. It is an alternative to travel two and sometimes three cars. We limit thus spending fuel, highway tolls, and travel in a larger group is simply happier. Another common reason for hiring short-term bus service is organized events, both corporate (conferences, meetings Integration, etc.), and private (weddings, funerals, etc.).


Van rented in the short term is the most common response to the emerging need for sporadic transport more goods, both among companies and individuals Private. The most obvious example would be moving to another apartment or office. Rental vehicles in the situation is several times cheaper than hiring movers, but, of course, reasons for short-term rental car delivery can be a lot more. Each of us had already surely situation where the transport capacity of his own car was insufficient for the current needs. Not everyone has the time in the close friend with an appropriate car, and for such people, among others established range of rental vehicles.