Terms of Rental

§ 1

Car Rental Go Rental Cars Sp. z o. o. Circulating cars at the time specified by the customer, provided that the minimum rental period is 1 day.

§ 2

Tenant car can be a natural or legal person represented by the designated representatives, who is 21 years old, have a valid driver’s license and a minimum of one year ID card (passport). Cars premium, ie. Lexus UX, Peugeot 508, Audi A4 the requirements of a minimum 25 years, held a driving license for at least four years and the credit card and the minimum rental period is 3 days.

§ 3

The rented car can not be driven by a person not mentioned in the contract, it is prohibited to tow other vehicles rented vehicle overloading, participate in any kind of car races or rallies, etc.

§ 4

A prerequisite is a car rental in advance to pay a deposit and fees for all the days of rental along with additional charges at the rate applicable on the date of hire.

§ 5

The tenant is responsible for material to hire Go Rental Cars Sp. z o.o by shortages of fuel, parts and equipment of the car and caused the loss of his guilt and the facts wrong security of the car and documents. The client hires an efficient vehicle with a certain amount of fuel and is obliged to return it in the same state. If the car is not refueled, the customer will charge for missing fuel at the rate of 12 zł / liter. 

§ 6

You can buy additional insurance abolishing own contribution to the damage caused by Renter. The cost of such insurance is determined by the class of the car and the information about his height is included in the price list. Additional insurance does not apply in the event of a total loss vehicle, vehicle theft fault of the Tenant and the conditions specified in paragraph 7.

§ 7

In case of damage caused by the customer, driving under the influence of alcohol, it will be billed for the repair as well as costs for parking a car for this reason, the rate of rent for each day.

§ 8

If you return the vehicle before the date of expiry of the contract, the customer does not pay rent difference resulting from the actual period of the lease.

§ 9

Self lease extension for more than 1 hour. payment will be charged for the whole day as a separate extension for more than 24 hours. will notify the police of the fact that the car is stolen and all the consequences and costs resulting from the initiation of the vehicle bears the tenant search.

§ 10

Extension of car rental without prior agreement with the Rental Go Rental Cars Sp. z o.o more than one day more than the time specified in the contract will cause charge a penalty in the amount of three times the rates of payment for each day beyond the duration of the lease specified in the contract.

§ 11

If your car breaks down during the rental customer is obliged to immediately notify the Lending. If the fault can pose a threat to road safety, it is prohibited to continue further drive until it is removed.

§ 12

If the vehicle was damaged as a result of a traffic accident, the tenant is obliged to call the police to the scene and obtain a written statement from the participants accident insurance institution proper protocol and security of the car.

§ 13

Damage to the tires, as well as the interior of the vehicle (car equipment damage or injury caused by cigarette butts, etc ..) are not covered by any insurance and are removed at the expense of the tenant.

§ 14

For failure of any point in these Regulations deposit shall be forfeited and may be charged a penalty in the amount of 10 to 30 times the daily rental rate.

§ 15

The Lessee authorizes Lessor to issue VAT invoices without signature in respect of matters governed by the contract.

§ 16

Any disputes arising as a result of the lease agreement will be settled by the District Court.

§ 17

The tenant agrees to the storage and processing of your personal data and registered by the Lessor for purposes related to the contract (Dz. U. No. 133, item. 883, 29.08.1997., As amended). In the event of failure to comply with the contract or submission of false data, the Lessor shall have the right to pass data and Tenants Additional Drivers (personal data registered and photographs) authorities responsible for the enforcement of the law and to the list of rogue clients and business partners.

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